“Confidence is all about how you perceive your ability to do things.”

Self confidence plays a massive part in our success at work. It is a major part of our core foundation to being successful. There are times when we all suffer from a lack of it. I know I have suffered from a lack of self confidence at times. You might feel this way as a result of something not going well for you at work or in a venture that you embarked on. It is a very normal reaction to a negative outcome and actually it’s your inner self trying to protect you; to wrap you up in cotton wool. You suddenly feel fearful of making another mistake and you begin to doubt yourself and your ability. In that moment, it feels safer to shy away in the office and not expose yourself to potential further damage. The result? Your self confidence takes a knock. This isn’t fatal but it does need to be addressed.

Confidence can be situational, you can be very confident in one aspect of your job, but lack confidence in another area. You need to break down your job into segments such as meetings, reports, presentations etc to see what aspect of your work it is that is causing you concern. It may be that it is “meetings” that creates this feeling of low self confidence. All meetings? Specific meetings? Specific meetings with certain individuals present? By drilling down into the issue, you will ascertain the exact events that are the problem.

Once you’ve acknowledged where/when the lack of confidence happens, you are able to build strategies of how to build confidence into that part of your work life.

You can start to build assertiveness skills, start to set boundaries at work, think with a more positive mindset.

Everyone of us is good at something that other people aren’t good at. Be aware of what you’re good at and let it generate feelings of achievement; your skills are unique to you and valuable to others. Don’t be dismissive of your talent, it’s a gift. Visualise how you would like your future to be. Make plans as to how you will get to that point. Create a sense of forward planning/thinking of how you are going to get to where you want to go. This will put you on the right path to improving your confidence. You are immediately looking forward as opposed to glancing back over your shoulder.

Also; don’t assume that confident people are always confident, this is not the case. Confidence is often something that needs to be “topped up”. Confidence levels rise and fall constantly, so remember that and work on it when needed.