Being successful in the work place and forging a great career for yourself is all down to you.  The basic ingredients for being successful at work haven’t changed since time began. What has changed is that now, for many of us, we have computers, we have endless reams of data available, statistics, projected figures etc. We receive a ton of information from various sources and the temptation can be to “hide behind” this detail; to let machines do your job.


It can be tempting to let computers do your work. They can collate information, send bulk emails, produce all sorts of wonderful graphs with arrows pointing every which way you want. But, they’re only as useful as what you request them to do. You still have to decipher the information. You still have to make decisions based on what you have in front of you. It is your responsibility to take action on what the computers have printed off for you. A computer can’t “feel” a potential deal, it can’t gauge a customers mood, it can’t react to an unsuspected situation arising. You can – stay on top of your brief. Use the information the machines provide but always be the master of it.


Show willing at work. Be enthusiastic and be engaged. We all have a hundred things to do; know what is most pressing. What has your boss asked for first to be done? Make sure you do that task first and get it over to him or her so they see that you are doing your work. Check it before you hand it over, make sure there are no mistakes, no spelling errors or glaring omissions. Be responsible and show pride in your work, it will be noted by the relevant people who you want to impress. Play an active part in ongoing chat within your environment about work. By engaging, you are making your thoughts audible and valued. Colleagues will listen to you and take on board what you say. You will be strengthening your position all the time. Feeling valued will also make you feel good about yourself.


I always get really frustrated when I am promised a phone call back when I am talking to a Company and I don’t receive it. To be honest, it amazes me. If you say you will call someone back – then call them back ! It is good business manners. Be accountable; you said you would call them back, so do so. I really don’t get how often this happens. It leaves me thinking poorly of the individual and by association, the Company. If they can’t be bothered to return a call, what can they be bothered by ? Do as you say you will do. This is fundamental and can’t be stressed enough. Be focused on your job. Basic attention to detail will provide many positive results for you. We are all competing against other organisations offering the same service and a lot of the time, at the same price. How does the consumer differentiate ? Very often the decision will be down to who they preferred, who was nicer on the phone, WHO ALWAYS GOT BACK TO THEM WHEN THEY SAID THEY WOULD ! It’s the small things that will often make you win the client as opposed to your competitor. Do not underestimate how important you are to the deal. People buy people. Always have, always will.


Dress well. Be tidy, have polished shoes on, wear your hair neatly, be clean shaven, have clean teeth, clean finger nails. Do not neglect how important it is to “look the part”. We all give people the “up and down” visual inspection when we meet. We may or may not be conscious of doing this, but we do. If you don’t “look” presentable, it will count against you. Your customer will think to themselves; “If they can’t keep themselves presentable, how will they look after my custom?” They will be turned off.