What type of boss are you?

What type of boss are you? Are you the approachable one who listens to your employees, understands them, gives them time or are you the “Terminator Type” ? The Terminator is the boss who as soon as somebody approaches them to discuss something, or looks for guidance on a matter, will put on their metal outer suit and emit a vibe of “don’t approach me!”. They shut down from the conversation and make the employee feel uncomfortable and unsettled.The whole experience becomes one of negativity whereas the other type of boss will be open to discussion and will encourage opinion and thought from all employees. It’s important that employers’  understand that their business is only as good and successful as their employees feel in their jobs.

So here’s some questions for you, the boss. What are the names of the partners of your staff? Do they have children? What team do they support and which sport? What do they like to do at the weekend? What school did they go to? You should know the answers to these questions if you are interested in them as people. It is vital for the success of your business that you do know them as people!

The most important thing for employees today is to feel valued. It is your responsibility to make them feel valued.

In my own personal career when I was an employee, I had great bosses and rubbish bosses. I remember them all; in good and bad light.

So the bottom line is; your business and its success is heavily linked with your relationship with your staff. If you are “the terminator” giving off a negative vibe, you will never have happy productive people by your side. Your business will never reach its true potential.

Take a moment to consider this as the relationship between you and your workforce is the absolute foundation of how successful or not your business will be.