We spend most of our lives feeling permanently busy and a bit behind time for everything — busy before work; busy at work; busy after work………and then bed for sleep ! Another day lived in a haze of fluster; stress; tension; worry and never being totally in control of the days events. Sound familiar ? It does for me !

And yet, pretty much all of the time your inner self is trying to guide you to where your true self wants to go. The thing is; your true self does know where you really want to be in your work place and/or in your home life. We just don’t ever sit still long enough to “check in” with ourselves and listen to what we are talking about inside our heads. We talk away to ourselves constantly throughout the day about everything from the mundane to the “golden nuggets” that we should really be paying attention to.

If we made time each day for ourselves that was sacrosanct for us and only us to “check in” we would be better placed to become aware of these “golden nuggets”. Private time in a quiet environment will really open up these true and exciting thoughts that your inner being is urging you to give some attention to. The shame is that too many of us don’t look after ourselves enough to really spend time reflecting and working through what we are thinking and feeling in our heads and hearts.

If you find yourself always drifting off and day dreaming about being in the outdoors as your job as opposed to being stuck inside on the 5th floor in your present job feeling bloody miserable, have you ever actually stopped and really thought about it. Thought about why you keep day dreaming about this ? It’s because your inner self is screaming at you to be true to your values and to who you are. You are longing to get out into the fresh air and really live your life to its fullest.

Our instinct and intuition are constantly trying to guide us to where we will be genuinely happy and feel fulfilled, wherever that may be.

Sadly, too many of us end up following a career path because it’s “what we should do”; or what our parents wanted us to do, or what we feel society expects of us.

Why ? A part of you died the day you did what you thought you were supposed to do. Dreams and day dreams have meaning and they occur for a reason. It’s the true you trying to get out and breathe. If aspirations and dreams are crushed, what’s left ? Really, what’s left ?

Be bold, be brave and acknowledge how you think and what you feel. You know how you feel. Give yourself the self respect you deserve and grab life by the ba**s and go and live it.


“take the first step…”