It’s 2019 – This is the year that you make those changes in your life !!

Okay; this is the year that you make the changes that you know need to be made. No more excuses; no more putting it off; no more sticking your head in the sand.

Every New Year, we promise ourselves that this is definitely the year that we change our lives for the better ! We make notes on what we’re going to do; buy the latest fitness book or diet book; buy a new pair of running shoes; promise ourselves that we’re going to tell our Boss what we feel and what we want in our work place.

Blink your eyes, and it’s the end of February and nothing’s changed. Life is exactly the same as it has always been — no change in any aspect of your life has changed ! All you will have accomplished, is make yourself feel more useless and rubbish; “why do I never change?”; “why can’t I say what I want to say?”; “I’m just no good, I’m not worth any better”.


Let’s take a reality check here. If we promise ourselves that we will make numerous changes, then we’re bound to fail. Change is hard, it takes effort and it takes time.If we try to change too many things in our life, we will end up feeling overwhelmed by all the proposed changes and by failing at one, we will feel miserable and fail in all of them. It is now easier to just give up and that will just make us feel very negative internally.


  1. Decide what is the one single most important part of you that you really want to change. Only one; stick to that one.
  2. Understand how this part of you presently affects your life.
  3. What do you want to gain from making this change.
  4. How will your life be better by making this change.
  5. What do you need to do to make this change ?
  6. What one thing could you do right now to start you on the journey of making this change.

Now that you have spent time on the above questions, you are ready to start making the change.

It is very important that you are realistic with this change and how long it will take. You must be patient with yourself and you must be prepared to continue to put effort into this change. Nothing happens without you.

Break the whole process down in to small segments. Just concentrate on the next segment in front of you; take small steps. If you think of the overall goal, it may be too daunting and seem insurmountable. By breaking it up into small steps, you will make the necessary change. You will succeed.

You have already taken the biggest step – you have acknowledged the obstacle that you want to remove from your path. You have started the process of doing so. You can do this and you will feel empowered when you do overcome your obstacle. The sense of achievement will be fantastic.

Put it another way; how long do you want to put up with this obstacle in your life ? For another year, 5 years, 10 years, forever ? Believe me; if you don’t grab the moment and push yourself to make this change — nothing will change; period. 

Life is too short. You are too important and you deserve to live the best most fulfilled life you can.

Go for it !! Make the change.

“take the first step…”