Are you Accountable for what you do ?


Being accountable is a value for many of us. It is the right way to be. Yet, it seems to me that accountability at the minute is not something that is always being respected. I’m not a politician and I don’t want to get drawn in to the world of politics but there is a definite lack of accountability presently. We live in a very fluid and worrying time both locally in Northern Ireland and in the rest of the world.

Who is showing accountability locally for RHI ? For the new PIP (Personal Independence Payment) that is having a devastating effect on many people ? The chronic state of our NHS ? Our underfunded Education System ? Dare I mention Brexit ???? I could go on, but I won’t.

What we can be accountable for is our own lives and businesses. Accountability is a good thing and I think as human beings, we like it. We need it. It gives us a structure and a sense of responsibility.


As an employer, it is essential to be accountable to yourself and to your staff. You’re the “boss”; the buck stops with you. Your business will succeed or fail on how you operate. Being your own boss is a great thing. You have leadership qualities; embrace challenge; have a driven determination to succeed and you are accountable to its success or failure. It is not sensible to shy away from difficult decisions or put off making hard calls; that would be showing a lack of accountability. You have responsibilities to yourself, your family and to your employees.


Your employees need to made to be accountable for their work. Staff want to know what is expected of them. They like the sense of responsibility, it gives them gravitas. It is your role to ensure that you communicate effectively to your staff what you expect of them regarding a task or project at work. This sets out structure, it gives clear understanding of what is expected and it ensures that your work force are all working and pulling in the same direction.

When you don’t make your staff accountable, you’re leaving yourself open to potential grief. You will allow a vacuum to grow where you will hear; “Well I didn’t know I was supposed to do that.”; “Nobody ever told me.”; “That was his/her job, not mine.”

It goes back to my point about us all liking structure and knowing what is expected of us. We all work better under those conditions. There are no grey areas. Your employees want to know what is expected of them. You will make them feel valued by giving them ownership of a specific task. Feeling valued is the number one thing that we all want to benefit from.

So, embrace accountability within yourself and your work team. It is a big plus for everyone and you will have a more productive and happy workforce as a result. A happy workforce will show on your bottom line at the end of each financial year, and that’s got to be an added bonus !


Living your personal life by being accountable will make you happier and more settled. You will have the respect of your family and friends as you will be known to be a “good guy/girl”. You will be trusted and admired; someone who is dependable. If you have children, they will respect you. They will also know that there are boundaries which have been set by you and that they have to abide by them, because you’ve made them accountable to them ! Your whole life and all that it embraces is set to a better and more settled way of living.

If you aren’t accountable in your self, ultimately chaos will rule at some level. Family and friends will learn that they can’t always depend on you. You’re potentially “wishy washy” and a bit “flaky”. What then happens is that this causes stress for them as it’s not what they want to feel and it will make you feel badly about yourself. This is obviously not a nice way to feel and any negativity is not good for any of us. Self worth and self esteem will suffer.

So; really we all want to do as we say. If we say it, we mean it.

“take the first step…”