Do you suffer Imposter Syndrome at Work ?

This is my first blog and I hope you all enjoy reading it and that everyone can take something from it for their own benefit. I will post blogs on all sorts of topics as they pop into my head or as I come across them in my own working day or private life. I want to share my insights with you and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Phoney ? Fraudster ? Fake ? ……. Ever had these thoughts pass through your mind whilst being at work ? Maybe you’re waiting to be found out; that you don’t really have a clue at what you’re doing.

This is IMPOSTER SYNDROME ! It tends to “strike” when you’ve just started a new job, just had a promotion, been given an important task to do by your boss etc. It can leave you feeling paralysed with fear – you won’t ask questions of your colleagues at work for fear of looking stupid; you won’t ask friends because you think, they’ll think you’re uselss; you might literally just sit stuck and obsess about other people’s brilliance.

And then the next thing is; this sense of fear makes you work harder; compete more which in turn results in you having more success at work (which is brilliant) but you end up getting another promotion which just triggers more feelings of being a fraud/fake. Talk about a vicious circle !!

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS¬†— your work life does not have to be like this. You can enjoy your success and your skills for what they are; you being very good at your job.


  1. Stop comparing yourself unfavourably to others – it doesn’t matter what somebody else is doing at work – forget about them. You’re just wasting energy.
  2. It’s not healthy to constantly compare yourself to others – it can become toxic. You need to focus on yourself.
  3. Also; for all you know, your work colleague is looking at you and having the exact same thoughts !
  4. Write down the good things you have done at work on a weekly basis – read through it – give yourself a pat on the back. Over time, you will feel great as you read what you have achieved on a weekly basis. This in turn, will stop you focusing on what you perceive you didn’t do well.
  5. If you make a mistake in work, so what ? God knows, I’ve made loads ! Write down what you didn’t do well; think about what you should have done. Remember how you feel and take a mental note to remember what to do in the future if you come across the same situation again…………and then……….. let it go – honestly; just let it go. It’s done. You can’t undo it but as long as you learn from it, you will be better for it and your work level will be better for it too.
  6. Believe me; if you were no good at your job; you would not be sat where you are. Your manager or boss would have dealt with the situation a long time ago, so believe in yourself. You’re there because you’re good at what you do. Deep down, you know you’re good. Enjoy that belief — keep telling yourself it as well.
  7. Be kinder to yourself. People with Imposter Syndrome often put immense pressure on themselves by setting goals which just aren’t achievable or realistic. You might be doing this to forge ahead infront of your colleagues or maybe to try and stay ahead of being “found out”. It’s crazy and totally unmanageable. Stop it !
  8. Instead, set yourself doable short term targets/goals which you can achieve. Be accountable for them and do them. This in turn will make you feel good about yourself once you have completed these tasks.